PNG to TIFF Converter - Convert PNG to TIFF, Batch PNG to TIFF Converter

Advanced Batch Converter (Viewer, Editor, Converter) can take virtually any number of images in any format and convert them within seconds to any of the twenty most popular formats. Advanced Batch Converter can also resize, rotate, flip, mirror, crop individual or bulk images within seconds. You can also apply various filters, watermarks, morphing effects and enhance colors, to name a few perks that come with the software. Quick and easy batch conversion of graphics. Batch image converter.

PNG - Portable Network Graphics: A format that combines the bets qualities of GIFs and JPGs; used for Web publishing.

TIF, TIFF - Tagged Image File Format: a widely used raster format, jointly supported by Microsoft and Aldus; used mostly in desktop publishing; can be viewed on both Macs and PCs; this is the format used by most fax machines.

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