Advanced Batch Converter v.5.2 (Image Viewer, Editor, Converter) allows you to convert multiple graphics files at once.

With Advanced Batch Converter you can VIEW, PRINT, CAPTURE, EDIT and CONVERT images. You can RESIZE, ROTATE, FLIP, MIRROR, CROP, and use filters, morphing effects, watermarks and color enhancements on images. Advanced Batch Converter supports 120+ file formats, including BMP, GIF, PNG, JPEG, WMF, TIFF, TGA, PCX, PSD, PDF, WBMP, and JP2.

In addition to the ability to batch-convert, you can carry out single conversions. It includes full support for carrying out conversions through the use of COMMAND-LINE input.

With "SAVE FOR WEB" function you can convert all supported file formats to GIF, JPEG, PNG; BMP, PCX, TGA, TIFF, JPEG2000.

Basic file formats supported by Advanced Batch Converter:

BMP - Windows or OS/2 Bitmap: The image format Microsoft created for use in Windows.

JPG, JPEG, JPE - Joint Photographic Experts Group: 24-bit support and fine compression make this format another standard for publishing on the Web.

GIF - Graphics Interchange Format: The format created by Compurseve for the faster exchange of graphics over modem lines; widely used in Web publishing.

PNG - Portable Network Graphics: A format that combines the bets qualities of GIFs and JPGs; used for Web publishing.

TIF, TIFF - Tagged Image File Format: a widely used raster format, jointly supported by Microsoft and Aldus; used mostly in desktop publishing; can be viewed on both Macs and PCs; this is the format used by most fax machines.

RLE - Run Length Encoded image format (Utah); device-independent means of storing multi-level raster images.

DIB - Device Independent Bitmap: another form of BMP, used widely with printers and display devices.

PCD - Kodak Photo CD: digital images from Kodak, presented as "slides" on a Cd-Rom.

ICO - Windows Icon: used by Windows to represent programs and other files.

WMF - Windows MetaFile format; Microsoft graphics file, more compact and portable than BMP images.

TGA, TARGA, TAR, PIX - Truevision Advanced Raster Graphics Adapter (TARGA): Format by Truevision, Inc, used to support image capturing; used with a series of high-resolution graphics adaptors released under the TARGA name.

PCX, PCC - PC Paintbrush format from ZSoft Corporation. These images are used by many word-processing and desktop publishing tools.

VST - TrueVision Vista.

EMF - Enhanced MetaFile format; Microsoft's device-independent graphics format for Windows 95.

JIF, JFIF, JIF - another forms of JPG.

PIC, CEL - Autodesk images.

AFI - Another form of TrueVision Targa.

RGB, RGBA, SGI, BW, INT, INTA - Silicon Graphics Images. SGI black & white (*.bw), Red Green Blue (*.rgb), (*.rgba) and INT images.

VDA, ICB, WIN - TrueVision images (like TarGA and ViSTa).

SCR - Word 5.x screen capture images.

CUT - Dr.Halo (*.cut,*.pal) images.

PPM, PGM, PBM, PXM - Portable Bitmap (*.pbm), Portable Pixelmap (*.ppm) and Portable Greymap (*.pgm) images.

RLA, RPF - SGI Wavefront images.

PSD, PDD - Adobe Photoshop images. Note: Advanced Batch Converter doesn't support Adobe PhotoDeluxe PDD files - Adobe Photoshop PDDs only.

PSP - Paint Shop Pro images.

CUR, ANI - Cursor Recource file format for Microsoft Windows 95; contains image data for cursors used by Windows applications.

EPS (Preview) - Encapsulated PostScript: mostly used for desktop publishing; use the Postscript page description language; these can be used on both PCs and MACs.

FAX - GFI FAX images.

411 - Sony Mavica camera images.

JNG - JPEG Network Graphics.

MNG - Multiple-image Network Graphics.

WBMP - WAP Bitmap. WBMP is a graphics format used for example by mobile phones supporting the WAP-protocol.

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