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Ivan iApple Video Converter v.1.7 has been Released!

Ivan iApple Video Converter Press Release (Feb, 2012)

Ivan iApple Video Converter launched for Windows: enhanced functionality and fast conversion of video and audio files for use on Apple iPod, iPhone and iPad mobile devices.

Ivan iApple Video Converter for Windows is a fast and simple video and audio file conversion tool which makes them ready-for-use on any Apple mobile device including iPods, iPhones and iPads. The ultimate video conversion tool, almost fully automated with a three-click process.

IvanView Software has launched the Ivan iApple Video Converter which will convert your video and audio libraries into a format suitable for use on Apple devices, including iPods, iPads and iPhones. Now you can play your entire video and audio archives on your Apple mobile devices without expensive file conversion tools and increase your mobile entertainment.

Ivan iApple Video Converter for Windows will convert a wide range of file formats into an Apple-friendly MP4 format. You can convert VOD, DVD, AVI, MOV, 3GP, VOB, VCD, MPEG-2 and many more. Ivan iApple Video Converter for Windows runs on Windows 7, Vista, 2000, NT, Me and XP. You can convert almost any video or audio file into a format suitable for playing on your Apple iPad, iPhone or IPod in just three simple mouse clicks.

Simply download Ivan iApple Video Converter and run the file conversion tool. Hit “Add” and select a video or audio file to convert. Hit “Start Conversion” for the automatic conversion of the file under consideration and that’s it – Ivan iApple Video Converter will do the rest and provide you with an Apple-friendly file for playing on your mobile Apple device.

These are the principal features you can easily use with Ivan iApple Video Converter:

    Simple, automated audio and file conversion with just 3 mouse clicks;

    Automatic identification and allocation of correspondent resolution for output video;

    Convert almost any video or audio file into the specific Apple device MP4 format with optional quality settings for output video;

    Supports batch conversion;

    Multiple file conversions for multiple Apple devices at the same time; and with individual output video quality settings as required and tailored for each file and/or Apple device;

    Supports all mobile Apple devices.

After video and audio file conversion has been completed you are free to download them to your Apple device using iTunes or Rockbox. You are now free to enjoy your video and audio files anywhere, anytime and on any compatible device.


NOTE TO EDITORS: Please let us know if you have questions or would like to receive additional information about Ivan iApple Video Converter. Contact Ivan Kotenev at ivanview@gmail.com for more details. A full functional version of the product will be made available upon request to all editors considering a review.

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