PXM Converter - Convert PXM, Batch PXM Converter

Advanced Batch Converter can take virtually any number of images in any format (over 77 file formats supported) and convert them within seconds to any of the twenty most popular formats. Advanced Batch Converter can also resize, rotate, flip, mirror, crop individual or bulk images within seconds. You can also apply various filters, watermarks, morphing effects and enhance colors, to name a few perks that come with the software.

PPM, PGM, PBM, PXM, PNM - Portable Bitmap (*.pbm), Portable Pixelmap (*.ppm) and Portable Greymap (*.pgm) images.

With Advanced Batch Converter you can convert: PXM to BMP, PXM to RLE, PXM to DIB, PXM to JPEG, PXM to JPE, PXM to GIF, PXM to PNG, PXM to PCX, PXM to PXM, PXM to TGA, PXM to JP2, PXM to PCC, PXM to TIF, PXM to TIFF, PXM to ICO, PXM to JNG, PXM to WBMP, PXM to EPS, PXM to PS, PXM to PDF, PXM to WMF, PXM to EMF and PXM to JPG.

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